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Seaboard Foundations was established in 1962 as a quality driven, innovative company. From its humble beginnings, working primarily in the DC/Baltimore metro areas, Seaboard has steadily grown and expanded its market area. Contractors have come to rely on Seaboard Foundations team approach, consistent reliable results and attitude to “treat others how we would like to be treated.”  With three different offices working in 25 states and DC, Seaboard Foundations continues as one of the premier drill shaft companies in the US.


1962 Seaboard Foundations, Inc. was founded as a non-union contractor and incorporated in Texas and began operations in MD.

1970 Seaboard Foundations builds main office and shop in Jessup, MD.

1985 Seaboard Foundations becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of McKinney Drilling Co.

2002 The Keller Group acquires Seaboard Foundations Inc.

2006 Seaboard Foundations establishes office in Kingsport, TN.

2011 Seaboard Foundations establishes a powerline office in Ft. Worth, TX.