Ed Radford

  • Division Manager

Ed Radford is the Division Manager of Seaboard Foundations. Ed holds a BS in Construction Science from Texas A&M University. He has been involved in the management and construction of foundation and ground stabilization projects for over 25 years. He joined Hayward Baker in 1995 and now has focus on the transmission and distribution market with Seaboard Foundations.  

During his career, Ed has been a member of DFI, ADSC, AGC, ABC-TEXO, HCA and ILTA. He has authored and co-authored a variety of technical articles dealing with large bore foundations, small bore foundations and ground modification technologies.  

Ed has been involved with a variety of projects which involve large diameter drilled shafts, micropiles, earth retention, anchors, helical piles and various ground modification technologies. He is the most knowledgeable transmission line construction and various design/build solutions for foundation systems. Notable projects include multiple transmission line projects for AEP, Dominion, Oncor, Entergy, LCRA, STEC, Western Farmers, PEC and Ameren to name a few. He has also worked on major projects with the USACE, various DOTs and the DOD.