Seaboard Holds Driller Training Program

  • Mar 21, 2018
  • Benbrook, TX
Drillers School

Seaboard Foundations, in conjunction with McKinney Drilling, recently completed another session of our Driller Training Program. The goal of the Seaboard Foundations & McKinney Drilling Driller Program is to identify and train individuals who exhibit the necessary skills required to operate our drill rigs safely and efficiently, as well as demonstrate the leadership qualities to train others.

The individuals in the program are required to take responsibility for the operation and safety of his/her drill rig and those people that can be affected by its operation at all times. The current program consists of three levels of competency that require sponsorship and approval to enter and advance through each level. Each level contains objectives that must be met and maintained. The intent of this program is to provide a structured program for our operator’s advancement as well as establishing guidelines and objectives that promote a culture of safety, quality, and production on Seaboard Foundations and McKinney Drilling projects.

All employees outside of dedicated supervisory roles (Superintendents, General Superintendents, etc.) that are tasked with operating a drill rig in a production capacity, must be actively enrolled in the driller program. For those employees in dedicated supervisory roles who are experienced in drill rig operation and may operate a drill rig at certain times, they must be qualified on all drill rig make and models they may operate.

Each class brings in some of the most talented and experienced individuals in the industry. Each individual participates in hands-on training over a two-week period for each training level (Driller In Training, Level 1 and Level 2). The program combines classroom with field training to cover all aspects of the driller’s role on a project. Qualified representatives from our equipment partners are brought in to specifically discuss the drill rigs we use every day on our projects. Classroom covers a range of topics from equipment maintenance to contract requirements while the field portion of our program focuses on safely and efficiently operating the rigs to maintain maximum efficiency. This is just one example of a program that keeps us ahead of our competition.