Seaboard Foundations specializes in working within the Power Industry to install foundations for transmission line and substation foundations.

Our crews install anchor bolts foundations, stub angles, and direct embedded poles. To complement our foundation experience, our crews have developed expertise in above grade work specialty concrete work such as spread footers, transformer pads, switch stands and other slab on grade foundations. We can cover your specialty foundation needs from drilled shafts to helical piles.

Our management and field crews are 100% committed to safety and customer satisfaction. Equipment and tools are matched to the special needs of the Power Industry. Our experience and passion for this industry, make us more than just a standard drilling company. Seaboard has earned a reputation for safely delivering and installing high quality foundations on time and within budget. Our skilled craftsmen and support staff resolve unanticipated situations quickly, cost effectively, and cooperate fully with your project team.


Note: heights may vary due to terrain and engineering constraints. Other tower types may be used based on local circumstances.