Deep foundation support is an excellent solution to high axial and/or lateral loads challenging today's building environment.

Technical Details

The deep foundations techniques we provide include drilled shafts (also known as caissons, cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) piles, drilled piers, or bored piles), augercast piles (also known as continuous flight auger, CFA or ACIP), helical piles, anchors and micropiles.

Each of these techniques involves excavation of a cylindrical borehole into which reinforcing steel and fluid concrete or grout is cast or placed, forming the deep foundation element. Deep foundation support can provide a cost-effective, high-capacity system in a variety of subsurface conditions. These foundation techniques have been used successfully to support buildings, bridges, tanks, towers, and more structures all over the world.

Seaboard Foundations uses a specialized fleet of low clearance equipment when needed to ensure the health and safety of our work crew and to meet special project logistical constraints. We are the leader in deep foundation construction whether under dry, wet, or hard rock conditions and we routinely work safely under existing power lines to meet customer needs.

Typical Techniques

Additional techniques